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Model 1860 Colt Army Holster
Item #: WR212
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This is a Model 1860 holster from the Indian Wars period. The holster is made of heavy leather and is of three piece construction. The body of the holster is one piece, the flap and belt loop being individual pieces as well. This holster is in very good condition, having no crazing, flaking or loss of leather. The stitching remains very tight and unbroken over the entire holster. The outline of a Colt Army can be seen in the body of the holster. The closure tab and brass finial are present, the tab has no tears. The toe plug is still securely attached to the holster. The flap and large belt loop are securely attached to the body of the holster. There are no makers marks or inspector stamps visible on the holster. The larger rivets and belt loop indicate that this holster was made post Civil War. It is possible that this was made by a sutler and did not come from an arsenal. The Army Model 1860 was the issued sidearm of the Cavalry until the introduction of the Colt SAA introduced in 1873. This one has survived in remarkable condition, and would compliment any Indian Wars collection.
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