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WWII German Nazi Party Banner
Item #: WR237
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This is a Nazi Party banner from the World War II period. This one is a large size, measuring 9' 10" wide and 6' 2" high. It is constructed of two panels of heavy red cotton fabric sewn together in the center. A white disc with a black canted swastika is sewn in the center of the red field. This flag is two sided. A narrow fly is sewn into one side, with a a metal snap hook attached to one end and the other end being free. I don't know if there was a snap hook on the free end or not. The colors of the banner remain very vibrant, with the red field showing no discoloration or fading. The white field of the swastika shows some moderate staining. There are no major rips or tears in the banner, but there are a few small holes scattered around, mainly in the red field. Even though the banner is tow sided, the reverse side has been reinforced in the corners. These banners were hung in buildings throughout Germany to promote the National Socialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Party (NSDAP) founded in 1919. These made prized souvenirs for the allied soldiers, and this one most likely made it's way back to the states in some GI's duffel bag after the war. If you have the wall space, this huge banner has some killer display power!
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