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Model 1950 Parachutist Individual Weapons Case
Item #: WR272
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This is a Model 1950 parachutist individual weapons case date 9 February, 1951. These weapons cases were the replacements for the "Griswold" Bags used during Airborne operations during WWII. The major improvement of the M1950 was the simple fact that this case would accommodate an assembled M1 Garand. The Griswold cases required the M1 to be broken down into two components in order to fit in the case. The Model 1950 cases were used during the Korean War, Vietnam and up until 2013, when they were replaced by the new Modular Weapons Case. This canvas weapons case measures 49 1/2" long and 10" wide. A zippered cover that goes about 2/3 of the length of the case allows for a little additional expansion for different weapons systems. A metal ring was used to attach the case to the left side of the jumpers harness. Later the cases were rigged with the rucksacks to a lowering line 12 - 15 feet long, and dropped from the jumper before he landed. This case is in very good condition, but is not complete. The canvas strap with the metal rings to attach to the harness is missing. But for that fact it would be in mint, unused condition. The zipper and LTD snaps are fully functional. The stenciling inside the zippered flap is very legible. The cotton duct padding is in perfect condition. This would be correct for a Korean War Airborne or Vietnam Airborne display. Heck, they can be used from the Korean War all the way through the Iraq war and Afghanistan up to 2013.
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