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WWII US Model 1937 Wool Field Trousers
Item #: WR274
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This is a pair of US Model 1937 enlisted man's wool field trousers from World War II. This particular uniform was commonly referred to as "mustards" due to the color. They became standard issue in 1938 and were worn through WWII. Originally this pair of trousers was worn with the matching shirt and M1941 jacket as part of the combat uniform. They were also worn with the Class A four pocket tunic as part of the dress uniform, even though the trousers did not match the color of the jacket. The trousers have a four button fly, slash pockets high on the waist band and a watch pocket. The button for the left rear pocket is missing, all other buttons are securely sewn on. Stitching on one of the belt loops and one of the crotch panels is partially broken. There are several small moth holes, the majority of them on the crease of the left trouser leg. Other than the moth damage, there is no other problem with these trousers. A little bit of "field" repair and these will display good as new. These trousers would be correct for any Army unit or Army Air Corps display.
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