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WWII US Model 1943 Field Trousers
Item #: WR275
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This is a pair of US Model 1943 enlisted man's cotton field trousers from World War II. The M1943 field uniform was the result of several years of experimentation and development by the US Army Quartermaster. It replaced the inadequate M1941 field jacket. The uniform consisted of a four pocket jacket and matching trousers made of windproof sateen cotton. This uniform was designed to be worn as a layered system, over the wool shirt and trousers. In colder areas it was worn with a sweater and if needed cold weather liners. This model uniform was first issued to the 3rd Infantry Division fighting at Anzio in February and March of 1944 for field testing. By February, 1945 most troops in the European Theater of Operations were equipped with the new uniform. This pair of field pants is a small size, as indicted by the label, 30 x 32. The contract date is 21 November, 1944, making these a later version. This is indicative by the use of metal 13 star buttons, the absence of tabs and buttons at the ankles to gather the cuff, the absence of buttons on the inside for suspenders and the presence of the sewn in loops for the suspenders with metal hooks. The pants appear to be in unissued condition, but are damaged. The left rear pants leg has three holes and one large tear. The right rear pants leg also has a tear near the bottom. These could be sewn up and would still make a look good in a later war display. The 82nd and 101st were the only divisions fully equipped with the new M43 uniform when the Battle of the Bulge took place. This pair of field trousers come complete with suspenders.
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