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Model 1888 Springfield Trapdoor Rifle Converted to Carbine
Item #: WR307
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This is a Model 1888 Springfield rifle that was manufactured in 1891. This trapdoor has been altered to carbine use, but with a slightly longer barrel than a carbine. The normal barrel length of a Model 1888 rifle was 32 1/2", this one has been cut down to 26". The markings on the breechblock read "U.S./MODEL/1884". The ramrod would have been the bayonet type, but is no longer with the weapon. There are no front or rear sling swivels, or a stacking swivel. This particular gun has the thicker butt plate introduced in 1881. The trigger guard is a one piece design. The overall condition of this trapdoor rifle is very good! The exterior of the barrel retains over 95% of the original bluing. It has a smooth, none pitted surface and is stamped V/P/Eaglehead with another letter P near the breech. The 45-70 caliber bore is in excellent condition, showing very strong rifling and absolutely no pitting. The front sight is a thin blade type pinned to the sight base, with the base having been added to the cut down barrel. The rear sight is the Buffington Buckhorn sight with windage gauge. The leaf is stamped with an R and is graduated out to 2000 yards. All the reaming hardware retains good to excellent bluing, with the barrel band showing the most wear, having the U stamped on it. The breechblock is stamped U.S./MODEL/1884. The serial number of 523246 is stamped on the breech. The lockplate is stamped U.S./SPRINGFIELD in front of an Eagle forward of the hammer with no date. The three position tumbler locks in all positions and the mechanics are strong. The butt plate has a deep US stamped into it. Along with the US stamp are unit stamps of 22/K/9. The wood on this gun is practically flawless. The edges are crisp and straight and shows a beautiful, rich medium brown color. The cartouche of SWP/1891 within a large rectangle is clearly visible on the left side of the wrist on the stock. The proof P within a circle is no longer visible behind the trigger guard. Stamped in a line on the stock just forward of the butt plate is the same unit information as on the butt plate, 9/K/22. These guns were used during the Spanish American War all the way through the early 1900's by the Army. While it is in an altered condition, it still shoots like a dream!

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