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WWII US Mark 1A1 Training Grenade
Item #: WR330
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This is an inert US Mark IA1 training grenade from the World War II era. The Mk IA1 training grenade is a non functioning type of grenade developed to help safely train soldiers during the early days of WWII. It was used in training for handling and throwing of the fragmentation hand grenade Mark II. It was used for practice in throwing grenades in small confined spaces because it was completely inert. It was also used in training for distance, but primarily it was used to improve throwing techniques and accuracy. At the beginning of WWII these grenades were painted yellow, to correspond with the color code for high explosives. In 1943 they were painted olive drab, many just painted over the yellow, and had a small yellow stripe below the fuse to indicate high explosives. The grenade was initially incorporated as a defensive weapon, but urban fighting in the European theater and lessons learned from the Pacific theater propelled this weapon into the assault arsenal. The only grenade from the WWI - WWII era that may be more recognizable than the Pineapple grenade is the German M24 "Potato Masher". This complete and correct grenade will complement your WWII collection, and make a great conversation piece on your office desk!

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