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WWII US Model 1938 Canvas Leggings
Item #: WR333
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This is a pair of US Model 1938 canvas leggings from World War II. These leggings were worn in conjunction with the low cut service shoe/boot of the late 1930's. The shoes were only ankle high, so the leggings were added to extend the shoe up over the calf. This kept dirt, mud and other debris out of the ankle high shoe. When in garrison the shoes were worn without the leggings. Early war variants were either khaki or light olive drab #3 in color. By 1944, a shorter, darker OD #7 was being issued. This pair is in good, issued condition. The canvas leggings are not torn, ripped or damaged in any way. The heel straps are both present with buckles and strap ends. Each legging has eight hooks and seventeen grommets, each having the original lacing. The interior of the leggings show evidence of wear. The makers stamp and size are clearly legible, with a size tag of 2R, the smallest size. These would look great on your early war US mannequin.
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