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US Model 1899 Tunic with Accoutrements
Item #: WR413
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This is a US Model 1899 enlisted khaki field blouse worn by the US Army during the Spanish American War. This type blouse with the fold down collar, removable epaulettes and pocket flaps was introduced in August, 1899. The five button coat has the bright US Infantry buttons with NG above the crossed rifles and NJ below them. There are four small eagle buttons, two have been removed from the lower pockets and sewn onto the shoulder area for epaulets. All of the coat buttons are back marked HORSTMANN PHILADA. The coat is not lined and has no inner pockets. The sleeves have the pointed cuffs, but have no color to denote the branch of service. This was one of the changes in the August, 1899 uniform. Removable epaulets were used to denote the branch color, this uniform comes with two sets of white epaulets with NG NJ marked infantry buttons. During the Spanish American War period white was the color used to denote the Infantry branch. There is no rank insignia, makers stamps, or inspector stamps in the blouse. The only marking is a set of initials in the right inner sleeve, H.C. The blouse is in very good condition, having no holes, rips or tears. Most of the khaki uniforms I've seen that are Spanish American War era are usually pretty heavily stained, but this one is an exception. Along with the tunic comes a waist belt with brass NJ marked Model 1872 style belt plate, McKeever cartridge box with NJ marked box plate, Model 1878 haversack and Model 1878 canteen. The belt has no arsenal stamps or inspector stamps, nor does the buckle. The cartridge box is arsenal stamped WATERVLTES ARSENAL with the number 34. The canteen cover is stenciled NGNJ on one side and US on the other. The cover is is excellent condition, as well as the WATERVLTES ARSEANL leather shoulder strap. The haversack is also stenciled NGNJ on the outside and COLUMBIA ARSENAL on the inside. Both of the leather straps show honest wear, but are still very strong and capable of being displayed on a mannequin. To round out this New Jersey grouping is a New Jersey Volunteers Spanish American War state medal and a Spanish American War veteran's lapel button. There is some research to be done to determine if H.C. can be identified. But one thing is for sure, if you collect Spanish American War memorabilia, it doesn't get much better than this!
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