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1/4 Plate Ambrotype Enlisted Union Cavalryman
Item #: WR445
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This is a 1/4 Plate Ambrotype of a Union Cavalryman standing in a studio portrait. The image has some degradation on the right side of the soldier. This young man is an enlisted Union Cavalryman. His shell jacket has the nine button front, with the buttons having gilt applied in the image. It shows no rank or insignia, so I believe he was a private. He wears a kepi, the shell jacket without piping and sky blue trousers. His belt rig has an enlisted Model 1851 sword belt plate, cap box, carbine box and shoulder strap. Hanging from the right side of his belt is a Model 1840 Cavalry saber complete with sword knot. Tucked inside his belt is a smaller caliber pistol, possibly a Smith & Wesson #2. With his crossed arms pose and determined look on his face one thing is for sure, he hadn't had his first encounter with Confederate Cavalry! Seriously, he has a determined look on his face. The image has very good clarity and contrast with the plain back drop. The leatherette case is in good condition. The binding for the two halves is intact, but is loose at the bottom edge. One of the closure hooks is missing, but the single remaining one holds the case closed very tightly. This is a great piece for the Union Cavalry or image collector!

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