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WWII Veterans Black and White Pacific Theater Photos
Item #: WR460
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This is a set of 58 black and white photographs that belonged to a local World War II veteran who served in the Pacific Theater. The veteran, Technician 5th Grade David K. Carrier of Bristol, Tennessee, served with the 37th Infantry Division during WWII. The 37th was a WWI National Guard Division from Ohio, known as the "Buckeye Division", that was ordered back into federal service on 15 October, 1940. On 26 May, 1942 the main body of the division sailed for the South Pacific. They arrived in the Fiji Islands on 10 June, 1942 to fortify the islands against possible invasion. They began jungle training there with the Fiji Scouts. When the ground fighting on Guadalcanal ended, the 37th moved there in may, 1943 to continue training and stage for the Munda campaign. Two battalions of the 37th joined the Marine Raiders on New Georgia on 5 July, 1943, while the rest of the division landed on 22 July and assisted the 43rd Infantry Division in taking Munda airfield in fierce fighting. The division returned to Guadalcanal on 9 September, 1943 for rest and reorganization after mopping up operations on New Georgia. The 37th next landed at Bougainville between 8 and 19 November, 1943 as part of the 1st Marine Amphibious Corps. They expanded the western beachhead, constructed roads and bridges, and performed extensive patrolling. They were reassigned to the Army 14th Corps on 15 December, 1943. On 8 March, 1944 the Second Battle of Bougainville began and lasted six weeks. The 37th Division resisted eight major attacks made by the Japanese Sixth Imperial Division, inflicting severe casualties. The division remained on Bougainville and trained for the invasion of Luzon. They landed on the beaches of Lingayan Gulf on 9 January, 1945. They engaged in fierce fighting for the capture of Clark Field and Fort Stotsenburg, finally taking these objective on 31 January, 1945. The division entered the outskirts of Manila on 4 February, 1945, and began a three week house to house fight for the Philippine capital. The "Buckeyes" were engaged in heavy combat through the end of hostilities, 15 August, 1945. They left the Philippines in November, 1945 for the United States and demobilization. The 37th Division was inactivated on 18 December, 1945 at Camp Anza, California. During 42 months of service in the Pacific the 37th Infantry Division was credited with killing 33,718 Japanese soldiers and earning 5 Medal of Honor, 109 Distinguished Service Crosses, 61 Legion of Merit medals, 939 Silver Stars, 6366 Bronze Stars, 9150 Purple Hearts and 8 Presidential Unit Citations. This heroism cost the division 1127 killed in action, 7430 wounded, 7 missing in action and 215 who died of their wounds. The division logged over 18000 miles of travel and 592 days of combat. Verbal history from the family says that Tech/5 Carrier was assigned as a rifleman to accompany one of the division's combat photographers. The majority of the photos are of combat conditions, either of landings, enemy dead and destroyed vehicles or troops on the move. There are a few of the local inhabitants from the islands they fought on. Some of these photographs are very graphic in nature. There are also some that appear to be during occupation or while on R&R between operations. The majority of the photos are copies from the negatives, in my opinion. There is even one photo of the flag raising at Mount Suribachi, and I know he wasn't there! They are definitely war time pictures though. There are 58 total military pictures, plus some more of family members in civilian attire. Included with the pictures is a division history of the 37th Infantry, published by the unit just prior to their return home and dated 1 November, 1945. The front and back pages are pulled loose from the staples, but are both still present. I have done no research on Technician 5th Grade David Carrier, but his service number, rank and name are hand written on his copy of the division history paper. These photos would really add to someone's Pacific Theater collection, especially from the state of Ohio!
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