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WWII British P37 Canteen, Carrier and Shoulder Strap
Item #: WR473
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This is a British P37 canteen with carrier and shoulder strap from World War II. The canteen with wool cover is in unissued condition. The web carrier and shoulder strap do have some wear from use, but not much! The canteen is a mark VII version of the P37 as identified by the anchor point of the cork retaining string being on the side of the neck. The neck is painted a green enamel and shows no chipping or discoloration. The stitching on the wool carrier is very strong and unbroken. The khaki colored web carrier for the canteen is in very good condition. The single snap on the top works perfectly. It shows slight wear from use and all stitching is strong and unbroken. The shoulder strap also shows slight wear from use. It is a slightly darker shade of khaki than the carrier. The wider part that rests on the soldier's shoulder is ink stamped with a makers mark that is partially readable. It reads D.R. and then the rest is obscured by numbers hand written in ink. I believe the date is 1942. There are numbers hand written ink ink in two places on the strap. Number 1721144 is written on the wide part of the strap and 1685883 is written on the underside of the narrow part of the strap. This would look great displayed on a mannequin with a WWII British Infantry uniform on it!
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