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Vietnam Era T-10 Reserve Chest Parachute
Item #: WR481
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This is a T-10 reserve chest parachute from the Vietnam War era. This parachute was designed to be used as a back up chute for the T-10B or T-10C primary chute during emergencies. The canopy is a flat circular design that is 24' in diameter. It is deployed by means of a pilot chute that is activate by means of a ripcord. The parachute pack is in very good condition with no holes, rips or broken stitching anywhere. The ripcord cover panel utilized the old style LTD snaps, both are present but one is post is pulled out of the material. The stenciling is still very legible on the pack. One side is stenciled TOP, just below the ripcord panel. Stenciled facing the opposite direction on that side is PACK PART NO. 45118768/DATE OF MFR. SEPT. 1963/MFG BY PIONEER AERODYNAMIC SYSTEMS, INC./CONTRACT NO. 1136-600-16245. The opposite side of the pack is stenciled PARACHUTE 24 FT. CHEST RESERVE/PART NO./DATE OF MFR./MFG BY/CONTRACT NO. There is an actual canopy inside the pack, but since it is rated for a 12 year service life I would not recommend trying to jump with this one! It would look great in a Vietnam 173rd Airborne display, particularly a 2-503rd Airborne display since they made the only combat jump in Vietnam.
Shipping Weight: 13 lbs
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