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WWII USN Mark I Knife with Leather Scabbard
Item #: WR627
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This is a Mark I fighting/utility knife made for the US Navy during world War II. During WWII the US Navy adopted two models of fighting knives, the Mark I and the Mark II. The Mark I was a short knife similar to the standard commercial hunting knife of the period. It wasn't considered big enough to be a combat knife, or hefty enough to be considered a utility knife. It was subsequently replaced by the Mark II. This is an early Mark I manufactured by PAL Cutlery Company. It has an overall length of 10", with a blade length of 5 1/4". The blade looks to have been left bright, and now has an even steel gray patina. The edge has been sharpened. The one side of the blade is stamped U.S.N./MNARK I, while the other side is stamped RH PAL/MADE IN USA -35. A single, steel cross guard is firmly attached to the blade and has no deflection. The hilt is comprised of narrow leather washers stacked together. At the front and rear of the hilt the washer stack is colored black, red, yellow and black. The aluminum pommel cap has a nice gray patina. This one comes with a leather scabbard, like most of the early ones did. The scabbard shows plenty of wear, but is still very sturdy and strong. All the stitching is tight and unbroken. The only flaw the scabbard has is the leather strap to secure the hilt to the scabbard. It's to short to snap it together. I'm pretty sure this is a post war scabbard that has been married to the knife quite some time ago. If you have a WWII fighting knife collection you're gonna need one of these in it. This has the look of having been there and done it too!
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