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Cold War Era M42 Alarm Unit
Item #: WR664
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This is an M42 Alarm Unit from the Cold War era. The M42 alarm unit was a component of the M8 chemical agent detection system in use during the 1970's through the late 1990's, when it was replaced by an upgraded version. The M42 alarm is powered by four C cell batteries. In a field environment the M42 was attached to an M43 Chemical agent detector to complete the M8 Chemical agent detection system. The M43 was placed outside the unit perimeter, and frequently had to be repositioned due to changing winds. The M43 detector could be attached to as many as 5 M42 alarms, which were located within the unit's perimeter. If a chemical agent was detected, a signal would travel from the detector to the alarm units via two strands of WD1 wire. The alarms would trigger a very loud audible warning using the horn in the alarm. This would give enough warning to enable personnel in the perimeter to put on their protective mask and begin donning their MOPP4 equipment. This M42 alarm unit is in very good condition and working order. The aluminum case is dent free and retaining over 90% of the original green paint. The red lense on the indicator light is present and unbroken. The three position selector switch is still present and functioning. The two binding posts to attach the WD1 wire from the detector are both present, to include the rubber guards. The data plate is present and legible, as well as the last calibration tag dated 15 Nov 92. If you are a Cold War era collector or reenactor this will really make your collection stand out.
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